General Energy has come to conclusions that there is a high demand for the development of hydro powered energy facilities in Africa. Therefore, the company has initiated negotiations with new partners for the development of hydro power stations.

We have identified Africa as the market of the future and in particular- West-Africa. There is a huge demand for electricity. At the rate these countries grow and develop, the demand for electricity will increase.   We are in final negotiations

We are currently looking for competent partners in the wind energy sector. 

General Energy has begun to look at a new energy solution, which involves magnetic power. The company has built a prototype that proved to be successful, therefore a decision was made to devote more resources to the development of this technology.

One of our power plant consultants has provided us with a design for a specific power plant, that is intended to use well known low pressure technology. We proudly present the GE Systems GES™   GES 125B 12,5MW Biomass driven Power

General Energy provides solutions to clients in the Energy Sector. We are focussed towards providing a sustainable solution through technical and feasibility studies that will be beneficiary to the investor and the client. Current Project Suppl
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