Pierre Durant (CEO) General Energy meets with President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe - 2019-07-15

Pierre Durant (CEO) General Energy meets with President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe. 2019-01 Discussions on mining and energy investment.   ... more

Meeting with the Energy Minister in Mali - 2016-10-03

April 7, 2015 Mr. Pierre Durant (CEO) General Energy meets Honorable Minister Mamadou Frankaly KEITA , minister of Energy in Mali. They reached an agreement on our GES plant.  ... more

Meeting with engineers from Ministry of energy in Mali - 2016-10-03

April 8, 2015 Pierre Durant (CEO) General Energy meets Mr Moussa Ombotimbe and the engineers from Ministry of Energy regarding the GES technology.  ... more

Meeting with EDM SA in Mali - 2016-10-03

April 9, 2015 Mr. Pierre Durant (CEO) General Energy meet EDM SA Mali (Mali Electricity Distribution Company) regarding the implementation of our project in Mali.  ... more

Guinea Conakry Engineers Meeting - 2016-10-03

April 30, 2015 Ceo Mr.  Pierre Durant meet with the Guinea Conakry engineers about the GES plant.  ... more

Mr Sekou Sanfina Diakite - 2016-10-03

April 30, 2015 Mr. Pierre Durant meets the Sectary General Minister of Energy from the Republic of Guinea Conakry, Mr Sekou Sanfina Diakit  ... more

Negotiations with Kenya - 2016-10-03

May 13, 2015 The Company is proud to announce that we are now negotiating with Kenya to provide them with 3 waste-to-energy plants.  We have entrenched ourselves in West-Africa and this will open the doors for the company in East-Africa. We are very excited about this prospect. ... more

Procuring International Suppliers - 2016-10-03

August 19, 2015 During June 2015, Mr. Pierre Durant met with a major Electric Generator Supplier from Europe. They indicated special interest in the projects that was presented to them by Mr. Pierre Durant.  The Company initiated a “team-work agreement” with this Supplier to source and develop the best solutions for our projects... more

Meeting with the Swedish Trade and Investment Council. - 2016-10-03

August 25, 2015 During June the company’s management had a high-level meeting with “Business Sweden” (The Swedish Trade & Investment Council) during which the possibility of a future partnership was discussed.  Both parties agreed that such a venture could realize in the future, since the need for pro-active action in ... more

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